Help With Federal Agencies

My office can assist you with a federal agency by making a congressional inquiry on your behalf. Below you will find a partial list of agencies that I can contact. In each case, I will need a completed privacy authorization form to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act. Please click here for a printable version of the privacy authorization form for help with a federal agency. When completed, fax or mail the form to:

Casework Manager
1611 N. Magnolia Ave., Ste 310
El Cajon, CA 92020
Fax: 619-449-2251

— Printable Privacy Authorization Form —


As soon as the information is received a congressional inquiry will be initiated on your behalf. Due to the complexity of each case, response time from federal agencies may vary. 

NOTE: Please keep in mind, my office acts as a liaison and can not circumvent federal laws or regulations. Due to separation of federal, state and judicial powers under the Constitution, there are certain areas in which my office can not intervene. 

Which agency do you need help with? 

Internal Revenue Service

Education Department

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

Housing and Urban Development

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Department of Labor


Office of Personnel Management

Travel to a Foreign Country

Postal Service

Social Security Administration

Veterans Administration