Washington, DC -- Spending legislation recently passed by Congress, and signed by President Trump, contained several funding initiatives advocated for by Congressman Duncan Hunter. This package was the combination of multiple areas of government spending that had not been finalized for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

“The lack of border enforcement funding, particularly for a border wall, led to me to vote no on this bill,” said Congressman Hunter. “That being said, I am pleased that some priority areas were provided critical funding. No legislation is perfect and we will keep working to ensure these important areas are maintained and that border enforcement receives the priority it deserves in future funding bills.”

The spending measure was a combination of the FY19 Homeland Security, Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Financial Services, Interior-Environment, State and Foreign Operations and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development appropriations bills. Some of the spending requests made specifically by Congressman Hunter that received funding include:

Homeland Security

  • $675 million for the Coast Guard’s priorities, specifically the acquisition of a heavy icebreaker;
  • Additional $10 million for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Air and Marine Operations;
  • Additional resources for CBP technology procurement to secure our border;
  • $564 million for non-intrusive inspection equipment at the border to improve security at our ports of entry.

Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies

  • $10 million for POLICE Act grants;
  • $12 million for the Office Robert Wilson III VALOR initiative.

Interior, Environment and Related Agencies

  • $10 million for the American Battlefield Protection Program;
  • $9.5 million for the USGS Critical Minerals Program;
  • $53.4 million for the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund.

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies

  • $300 million for the Maritime Security Program to strengthen the US flag fleet;
  • $20 million for the small shipyard grant program to provide opportunities for local shipyards.