Washington, DC --  Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) sent a letter to President Trump requesting a presidential pardon for former Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who were sentenced to federal prison in 2006 for assault against the drug smuggler they were apprehending in the performance of their jobs.  While President Bush commuted their 10-year sentence in 2009, these agents remain convicted felons adversely affecting their employment opportunities and quality of life.

“These agents were in process of apprehending an illegal alien smuggling over 700 pounds of drugs into our country,” said Congressman Hunter.  “In the course of a struggle, and in what appeared to be the suspect brandishing a weapon, these agents fired their guns and hit him in the backside as he escaped back into Mexico.  Rather than reward these agents for their $1 million seizure, a U.S. Attorney offered the drug smuggler immunity in exchange for testimony to prosecute and convict them.  President Bush’s actions got Ramos and Compean out of prison and I’m calling on President Trump to take the next step and give these agents their lives back.”

Congressman Hunter’s letter comes after President Trump exercised his authority earlier this year to pardon former Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio.  Both Ramos and Compean were veterans of the U.S. Border Patrol with unblemished service records and Agent Ramos had previously been nominated for Border Patrol Agent of the Year.  Conversely, the drug smuggler, Mr. Aldrete-Davila, was captured again after this incident and pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges, including possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

Congressman Hunter's letter to President Trump can be viewed here.