Washington, DC -- Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) today introduced the “Student Right to Know Before You Go Act,” a bipartisan bill ensuring current and prospective college students and their families have access to accurate information regarding the costs and outcomes associated with higher education. This measure would allow students to portray a more accurate depiction of what their future may look like, while also guaranteeing students’ privacy of sensitive information. “Students have the right to make an informed decision about their future,” said Congressman Hunter. “The reality is a college education is expensive and with these rising costs, many prospective students are forced to make significant decisions about their education and career goals based on unreliable information. “It’s common sense, if institutions of higher learning are receiving federal financial assistance, then I believe American students should have every right to know and understand the value associated with their education. This information should include how long it will take to complete their education, the costs associated with this effort, including average student federal loan debt, the likelihood they will graduate, the odds of loan default, their chances of getting a job when they finish and how much they can expect to earn in their prospective fields.” Specifically, the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act would require the Department of Education to establish a new metric system and report these statistics through a cybersecurity and privacy enhancing technology known as Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This technology, already utilized by several US government agencies, allows for each party to encrypt the underlying data and create an output that prevents any one party from decrypting the original data or learn anything about the other parties. Information previously collected from government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in addition to information collected from colleges and universities, would be imputed into an MPC system to produce the proposed reporting metrics. This information would be provided to prospective college students for any institution they are considering to attend, allowing them to make a more-informed decision. The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act is also cosponsored by Representatives Scott Peters (CA-52) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) and the companion bill in the U.S. Senate will be introduced by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and cosponsored by Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mark Warner (D-VA).