Washington DC - Congressman Duncan Hunter reiterated his opposition to the latest health care plan unveiled today by House Democrats - their fourth proposal so far.  The 2,000 page bill, consistent with previous versions introduced in the House, would implement a costly government takeover of our nation's health care system.

A copy of the legislation is available by clicking here.

"The plan unveiled today by House Democrats represents more of the same," said Congressman Hunter.  "Despite the need for responsible health care reform, this proposal once again amounts to nothing more than a massive government takeover of our health care system.

"This version of legislation, which the American people are being forced to accept as the only solution available, still fails to reduce costs and meaningfully address the challenges facing small businesses and working families.  There are alternatives to what has been put forward but the Democratic majority remains unwilling to give these solutions the attention they deserve.  

"Looking forward, I will vote against any legislation, regardless of what form it takes, that includes a public option or impedes the type of competition that is needed to lower costs and improve access to care.  There is no question that reform is needed.  The status quo is insufficient but what has been proposed today comprises a partisan overreach that will destroy the basic foundation of our health care system, eliminate jobs and drive up already record debt levels.

"I am also disappointed that my amendment to protect small businesses, despite being accepted by the House Education and Labor Committee, was substantially weakened by Democratic leadership.  Rather than providing small businesses with a hardship exemption, contingent upon approval by the Secretary of Labor, the legislation includes a "study" on whether businesses are adversely impacted by government mandates under the bill.  Small businesses are the growth engine of this economy and it's a troubling sign that their interests have been intentionally overlooked through the course of this debate."

 Click here to view alternative proposals.

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