WASHINGTON D.C.—Congressman Duncan Hunter today called attention to an Afghan intelligence analysis, reported by the Associated Press, concluding that U.S. special operations raids and special operations-led outreach are producing quality results.  Conversely, “larger counterinsurgency projects—like the billions of dollars spent to install a credible Afghan government—are lagging,” according to the Associated Press.

“Drawing down troop levels in Afghanistan is the right call but, without a change of strategy, shifting away from nation building and putting greater emphasis on counterterrorism operations, progress will remain slow and current mission objectives will be more difficult to meet,” said Hunter, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  “We now hear from Admiral Mullen and others that the Afghan strategy will stay the same despite the start of troop withdrawals.  Continuing with the same strategy and refusing to narrow and redefine mission objectives is the wrong direction for a mission of such critical importance to U.S. national security.

“Counterinsurgency could work if we had another decade and upwards of 300,000 ground troops.  But with the drawdown, there must be new objectives and greater emphasis on counter-terrorism operations, utilizing special operations forces, intelligence gathering capability and air assets.  The Afghan mission is at a critical point and it’s foolish to risk any security gains up to this point.”