Washington, D.C.—Representative Duncan Hunter (CA), a Marine Corps veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, along with Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL), an Air National Guardsman and Iraq veteran , and Representative Ryan Zinke (MT), a former Navy SEAL, introduced legislation today to reiterate that Iran must comply with its reaffirmation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to “never seek, develop, or acquire a nuclear weapon.” Specifically, the legislation authorizes the President to use military force should Iran violate its commitments and obligations under the JCPOA. 

“In agreeing to a deal, Iran has unconditionally stated that it will never seek to acquire a nuclear weapon, and its nuclear program will exist for peaceful purposes,” said Representative Hunter.  “To think Iran can be trusted is naïve and contrary to reality.  Iran’s provocations and aggression should deny any leeway, and there should be no doubt that a nuclear Iran constitutes a danger to the world.  It’s necessary that Iran receive the message that the U.S. is prepared to destroy any and all capability and facilities without warning or prolonged negotiation.  These are terms that Iran can actually understand and will be the difference between Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb or not.”

Representative Kinzinger added, "The President has made clear in many instances that the military option should be on the table.  It’s Congress’ job to ensure he means what he said."