Washington, DC -- Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) has sent a letter to President Trump requesting his direct involvement in the current confinement conditions of Chief Edward Gallagher, a decorated Navy SEAL who is facing a court-martial on charges at Naval Base San Diego of premediated murder in the death of an ISIS combatant in Iraq.

“Details and information have been brought to my personal attention that have led me to conclude that Navy Consolidated Brig Miramar is not an appropriate venue for an American war hero who has served 19 years, such as Chief Gallagher, to serve his pretrial confinement,” states Congressman Hunter.

In his letter, Congressman Hunter outlines concerns with the fact that Chief Gallagher is currently being held in general population with convicted sexual offenders and pedophiles as the Miramar Brig is the primary location for the Navy to confine those convicted of these crimes. Chief Gallagher, however, has not been convicted of any crime and his family is forced to follow specific and humiliating procedures when visiting him due to his environment.

“Reportedly his children are required to wear “hospital gowns” while they visit, so that they may not “bring unwanted attention from” any of the other inmates. This policy seems irregularly harsh for someone that has not stood trial or even charged with any sexual misconduct charges.”

Additionally, Congressman Hunter states that Chief Gallagher’s current confinement is adversely affecting full access to his legal representation and the right to a fair and speedy trial. Congressman Hunter calls on the President to personally review the situation in the hope that the White House will assist in Chief Gallagher’s removal from the Miramar Brig, providing for a more suitable arrangement to be put into place while decisions are made regarding the overall case. Congressman Hunter’s full letter to President Trump is attached for reference and can be viewed on his website.

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