Washington DC – Following remarks on immigration reform by President Obama, Congressman Hunter reiterated the call that responsible reform starts with stronger border security and enforcement.

“Once again, President Obama missed a valuable opportunity to assure the American people that his Administration will do what it takes to secure America’s borders and enforce the rule of law," said Congressman Hunter.  "At one point during the remarks, he called blanket amnesty a bad idea, saying it ‘could lead to a surge in more illegal immigration,’ but then proceeded to call for a ‘pathway to legal status.’  This still means amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, regardless of how the President attempts to disguise or mislead the American people on his intentions.

“The focus must stay on strengthening border security and enforcing existing immigration laws, including laws that regulate the workplace.  Any approach that does not put security and enforcement first should be rejected outright.  Only when this occurs should we begin to discuss reforming other aspects of our nation’s immigration system.    

“The President needs to prove that he will do these things before attempting to initiate any comprehensive reform of immigration policy.  Americans were told in 1986 that, after a one-time amnesty, the borders would be secure.  We are still waiting over twenty years later, which is one reason, among others, why Americans distrust government so much.  So let’s get our priorities in order and prove to the American people that we are serious about putting security and enforcement first.”