Washington D.C.--In a letter to President Obama today, Congressman Duncan Hunter and 36 other Members of Congress requested a detailed explanation on the Justice Department’s prosecution of Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz.

Agent Diaz was sentenced to two years in federal prison for improperly lifting the arms of a drug smuggler while handcuffed.  As confirmed by documents and reported today, a request for Agent Diaz’s prosecution was made by Mexican officials, after Agent Diaz was already cleared of any wrongdoing.

 “In two separate letters, I’ve asked the Attorney General to provide information and take action on what has proven to be a serious miscarriage of justice,” said Congressman Hunter.  “The Attorney General has been silent so far, perhaps because he’s busy making excuses on why he should not be held accountable for Operation Fast & Furious.  

“This prosecution cannot be allowed to stand.  Someone—whether the Attorney General or the President—needs to provide answers on why a two-year prison term is justified and what motivated the U.S. Attorney’s Office in West Texas, the same office that prosecuted Ramos and Compean, to go after Agent Diaz.”

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