WASHINGTON DC—Representative Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, joined Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) to introduce legislation putting additional restrictions on the U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking agreement signed today.  The legislation requires the trucking program remain a pilot program for no longer than three years in order to determine the feasibility of continuing cross-border trucking activity beyond designated border areas.

“This Administration and its predecessor have shown unrelenting interest in opening the Southwest border to unrestricted vehicle traffic from Mexico despite legitimate safety, security and economic concerns,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter. 

“The latest step in the Obama Administration’s persistent maneuvering, which is assumingly intended to mislead Congress and the general public, puts the pilot program on course for permanent status.  In just a few short years, the program is set to become fully operational without due examination of whether any of the benefits outweigh a predictable and much longer list of drawbacks.”

The pilot program provides Mexican motor carriers the opportunity to convert provisional operating authority into permanent authority. 

“Nothing about the pilot program is temporary or even exploratory.   The legislation introduced today guarantees that Mexican cross-border trucking activity does not exceed the parameters of a basic pilot program, providing Congress an opportunity to fully examine its impact before moving forward,” concluded Hunter.