Washington DC - As a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter will take part in consideration of the health care reform proposal introduced yesterday.  Hunter and other lawmakers will be making opening statements today when the Committee meets at 3 PM ET, despite the fact that the legislation has only been available for public review for less than one day.  Consideration of the proposal itself - including a small business amendment that will be offered by Hunter - begins tomorrow morning when the Committee reconvenes.

"This massive health care reform bill, which was only introduced yesterday, consists of more than one-thousand pages of text and includes complex regulatory changes that will impact each and every one of us," said Congressman Hunter.  "My guess is that not one of my constituents, regardless of where they fall on this issue, has had an opportunity to review this legislation or fully understand how it will affect them.
"Health care reform must be a priority but that doesn't mean we need to unwisely rush this process, only for the sake of getting something done.  While I do not support a public-option, it is important that we have sufficient opportunity to thoroughly examine this proposal and consider its potential consequences for taxpayers, businesses and consumers."

In the interest of ensuring this legislation receives the attention it deserves through the Committee process, Congressman Hunter signed  Let Freedom Ring's Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge.  The pledge states that Congressman Hunter will not vote to enact any health care reform bill that he has not read in its entirety or has not been available to the American people on the Internet for at least 72 hours.  A copy of the legislation is available by clicking here.

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