Washington D.C. – Congressman Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, called today's report on unemployment "news that San Diego households were hoping not to hear."  The Department of Labor reported a loss of 54,000 jobs in August and an increase in the national unemployment rate. 

“Today’s unemployment report is once again news that San Diego households were hoping not to hear," said Congressman Hunter.  "For twelve consecutive months, Americans have experienced unemployment above nine percent while the Obama Administration’s economic agenda has failed to restore lost jobs and build confidence among job creators.  It seems that the only thing growing in the American economy is uncertainty. 

“This needs to change, but there appears no end in sight as long as recovery efforts revolve around more deficit spending disguised as ‘stimulus,’ added regulation and tax increases.  It’s well past time to take these job-killing policies off the table and replace them with initiatives that actually get Americans back to work.

“As I continue talking to businesses and job seekers throughout San Diego County, the message is clear: a new direction is desperately needed.  They know that the economy will eventually recover, but only when businesses are given an opportunity to grow.”

Hunter recently announced a business tour plan (read here) focused on San Diego job creators.  This month, House Republicans will also lay out a clear agenda focused on reducing runaway spending and promoting economic recovery, which will encompass many of the solutions offered by House Republicans over the last 19 months.