Washington D.C.—Congressman Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said today that he will oppose any debt ceiling proposal—in particular, a “Gang of Six” agreement—that arbitrarily cuts defense spending.  In taking that position, Hunter cited the military’s existing mission requirements, aging inventory and the cost of containing emerging threats and strengthening force projection. 

“It’s irresponsible to put defense cuts on the table without any reasonable examination of  how these cuts would impact the existing force structure and, even more broadly, America’s national security,” said Congressman Hunter.  “It’s also a fact that the military is facing enormous equipment shortfalls and reset burdens, underscoring the necessity for adequate investment where it’s needed most.  Responsibly cutting defense spending is one thing and there are certainly places in the defense budget that demand greater efficiency, but, cutting defense spending without appropriate examination or insight is a reckless proposition.  Doing so would directly undermine global security, military readiness and the safety of our nation’s military men and women, whom we all rely upon to keep us safe.”