Washington D.C. - Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has been selected by his House Republican colleagues to positions on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee. 
Hunter, the first Marine combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan elected to Congress, made the following statement after being notified of his committee assignments:

"It's an honor to be named to the House Armed Services Committee," said Congressman Hunter.  "I look forward to working with Committee members, as well as the rest of my colleagues in Congress, to address our nation's national security priorities and ensure the men and women of America's armed forces have the resources they need to achieve victory.  My greatest feeling at the moment is one of responsibility and obligation to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those who will fight the wars of the future.

"As a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I hope to add a unique and pragmatic perspective to issues involving the operability and readiness of our military forces.  The opportunity to serve on the Armed Services Committee also will allow me to better represent the San Diego community, including its large active service and veteran populations, and work to bring more defense and aerospace jobs to the area.

"It is also a great privilege to join the House Education and Labor Committee," continued Hunter.  "The education of our children is critical to America's future success and productivity, and I welcome the chance to be directly involved in strengthening our education system and workforce."

Republican Steering Committee recommendations will now go to the Republican Conference for approval, which is expected to occur tomorrow.