Washington D.C.—Today, U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, an initial supporter of military intervention in Libya, voted in favor of a resolution offered by House Speaker John Boehner, establishing that the President has not asked for Congressional authorization, reasserting the role of Congress in funding and requiring that the President provide additional details to Congress in the coming days. 

“From day one, I said that no American troops should be put on the ground in Libya,” said Congressman Hunter.  “There is not a single member of our military on the ground.  Not one.  And I’ve also stressed the necessity for limited U.S. involvement, urging that our NATO partners take the lead and stay in front.  Our role, should it continue, must remain extremely limited.  

“The President has failed to properly lead on this issue, most notably in overstepping his authority under the War Powers Act.  The House was right to take the bipartisan action it did.  With this vote today, the President has been put on notice for operating outside his authority.  It’s also essential that an exchange with Congress occur—as it should have months or weeks ago—on the parameters and objectives of the Libya mission.”