Washington, DC -- Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) today voted against a spending bill negotiated by House and Senate leadership providing federal spending for the remainder of the fiscal year citing concerns with its lack of adequate funding for border security, including a wall, and its inclusion of several unnecessary and questionable provisions that will adversely affect border security efforts as a whole. President Trump has indicated that he will sign the measure. President Trump also announced today that he would be taking executive action to declare a national emergency regarding the border region as a means of allocating federal funding toward additional border security efforts. “We just need to get this done,” said Congressman Hunter. “Border security should be a top priority for every Member of Congress, not just for those like myself who have districts in border regions. For years, I have advocated for a border barrier because I know firsthand it has proven effective. Unfortunately, like many other things, this issue has become a political football and we are once again at risk of having no meaningful progress. Liberal Democrats, some of which originally voted for border enforcement measures and now hypocritically do not support the same effort, are the leading advocates for this legislation that is nowhere near adequate. The President should have held firm in his original proposal to Congress. “Additionally, while I wholeheartedly support building the wall, I have significant concerns with the President declaring a national emergency in order to obtain funding in this manner. This action more than likely will result in legal action, delaying border security efforts further, and the precedent it can set for future administrations is concerning. “Moving forward, I will continue to support border enforcement in all aspects knowing this investment is best for my constituents and our nation as a whole.”