Washington D.C.-- After sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on the sentencing of Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz, Congressman Duncan Hunter today reiterated the necessity for a thorough explanation of the decision to prosecute Agent Diaz, despite being cleared by two separate investigations.  Agent Diaz was recently sentenced to two years in federal prison for what the Justice Department asserts was the improper restraint of a drug smuggler.

“The prosecution of Agent Diaz by the same federal government that he took an oath to defend is mind-blowing,” said Congressman Hunter.  “Agent Diaz was cleared of any wrongdoing in two separate reviews and when a third report contradicted what the initial investigations found, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in West Texas—the same office that prosecuted agents Ramos and Compean—didn’t hesitate to put another agent behind bars.  Just as outrageous, it’s been reported that the prosecution was urged by Mexico and the smuggler was given full immunity in exchange for testimony against Agent Diaz.

“In this instance, the idea that the Justice Department would take its direction from the Mexican government is an affront to every man and woman serving in the ranks of the U.S. Border Patrol.  And with the facts of Operation Fast and Furious coming to light, the Attorney General owes a full and complete explanation to Congress and every American standing on the frontlines of the fight to keep smugglers and drugs from crossing the border into the United States.”

A copy of Congressman Hunter’s letter to Holder can be found here.

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