WASHINGTON DC—Today, Congressman Duncan Hunter responded to the President’s veto threat of the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, saying the decision is all about "posturing" at a time when leadership is needed.   

“With the debt situation nearing a point of decision in the coming days, it’s unthinkable that the President, who has not offered a reasonable solution of his own, is willing to veto legislation that actually takes the necessary steps toward bringing the budget under control.  Given the circumstances, threatening to veto legislation without an alternative plan or even before a vote in the House, is all about posturing at a time when leadership is what the country needs.
“All we continue to hear from the President and Democrats in Congress is the need for more spending and higher taxes.  There is no future for America if we continue down that road.  We need to reverse course and begin implementing the spending cuts and budget safeguards to get us back on sound fiscal footing.”