Washington, D.C. —Today, Representative Duncan Hunter responded to the national unemployment report for February—showing the national jobless rate holding steady at 8.3 percent from the previous month.

“The economy is showing some positive signs, but job growth overall remains slow while millions of Americans stand ready to get back to work," said Hunter.  "What I continue hearing from San Diego businesses—especially the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our community—is that red tape and the threat of higher taxes are standing in the way of real growth.

"The employers and entrepreneurs, who take the risks, hire workers and start new businesses are the key to our economic recovery, and must remain our primary focus.

“What’s most interesting about this latest report is what it doesn’t clearly articulate—that real unemployment is much higher than 8.3 percent.  When factoring in those who are no longer looking for work or identified as “discouraged,” the national unemployment number for February jumps to 9.8 percent.  We need to be truthful to ourselves and realistic about the challenges facing the American economy and workforce.  Recognizing the full extent of the problem is critical to achieving sustainable recovery.”

Last week, Representative Hunter introduced H.R. 4128, the REAL Unemployment Calculation Act, requiring the federal government cite, as its official unemployment calculation, the figure that takes into account those who are no longer looking for work.  More information on H.R. 4128 is available here