Washington, D.C. — On Thursday, Rep. Duncan Hunter and Rep. Susan Davis, both members of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), hosted Rep. Bill Shuster, Chairman of the HASC Panel on Business Challenges within the Defense Industry, and other members of the panel, for a San Diego defense industry business roundtable.  The roundtable will feature local businesses involved in the defense industry and address the issues these businesses face working with the Department of Defense, as well as the challenges ahead.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA):

“The San Diego region and the national defense community are inextricably linked,” said Congressman Hunter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.  “Not only is San Diego a strategic home for the Navy and Marine Corps, but some of the most important components that are at the core of our military success and American security are made right here in the region.  Today, the members of the defense panel were able to learn more about San Diego’s contribution to our security while industry leaders throughout the community had an opportunity to offer their experiences working with the Defense Department, identify the challenges they face and provide perspectives and insights for the future.  I want to thank Congressman Shuster for his leadership and other members of the panel for visiting San Diego and taking the time see firsthand what makes the region such a leader in military innovation and technology.” 

Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA):

“I want to thank Congressman Hunter for welcoming me to San Diego, an area of critical importance to our national security,” said Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA), Chairman of the Panel on Business Challenges within the Defense Industry.  “Today's roundtable allowed the members of this panel to conduct a frank discussion with small and medium sized businesses on the challenges they face doing work with the Department of Defense. The process of contracting with DOD is complex, and we are committed to finding ways to remove the obstacles that prevent many of America’s small businesses from entering our defense industrial base.  Today’s roundtable discussions will help us in our work back in Washington to accomplish that goal.”

Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA):

“Our meeting today in San Diego was a strong contribution to the panel’s work,” said Congressman Rick Larsen (D-WA), who co-chairs the panel. “These meetings let us hear directly from small businesses about the challenges they face when contracting with the Department of Defense. Small businesses are true innovators and important job-creators. They have a great deal to contribute to the nation’s defense, and this panel, with our field meetings and hearings in the capital, will identify ways to help them overcome the obstacles they face.”

Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ):

“Today’s roundtable discussion was a great success,” said Congressman Jon Runyan (R-NJ).  “The businesses that attended today’s event expressed many of the same problems that face small businesses in my district.  It is my sincere hope that the HASC Defense Small Business Panel can find ways to ease the burdens and regulations facing these vital small businesses.  I would like to thank Congressman Duncan Hunter and Congresswoman Susan Davis for bringing everyone together for this open and frank discussion.”