Washington DC—Today, Congressman Duncan Hunter sent a bipartisan letter signed by members of the House of Representatives to Mexico’s Attorney General regarding the imprisonment of U.S. citizen and Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooressi.  The letter urges the Attorney General to expedite Andrew’s proceedings ahead of his next hearing on May 28 and initiate a dismissal of charges. 

*Hunter letter to Mexican AG

“Mexico’s Attorney General is in a position to deal with Andrew’s case and ensure its quick resolution,” said Rep. Hunter.  “Knowing that Andrew has been in prison for more than a month, with his next hearing scheduled for the end of May, it is necessary that the AG intervene and expedite proceedings at the very least.  And so far there’s been no validation from Mexico that Andrew didn’t make a directional mistake at the border.

“Perhaps Mexico should be reminded of the hundreds of military and law enforcement incursions at the border, where officials and personnel have entered the U.S. without permission and most always carrying weapons.  These incidents must be stopped altogether, but Mexico’s actions in Andrew’s case, similar to others, underscore the immediate need for a new form of legal treatment by U.S. officials when incursions occur.”