“Yesterday was a disturbing day for us not only as Members of Congress, but also as military officers.  With regard to hostage issues presently involving our constituents, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Amerine, U.S. Army Special Forces, has brought to light serious and critical flaws in this country’s hostage recovery efforts.  After witnessing his testimony at the “whistleblower” hearing held today by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, we’re compelled to speak out in solidarity with Jason, who has served this country bravely, selflessly and loyally for over 26 years, has an impeccable and impressive service  record, and has made and witnessed sacrifices for this Nation too numerous to mention.  Jason is a true American Warrior.  But rather than even acknowledging his tenacity, integrity and fortitude, the Department of Defense and the Obama Administration have decided that treating him like a common thug is more appropriate – by suspending his security clearance, suspending him from his duty position, deleting his retirement orders, considering court martial and launching a criminal investigation against him.   

Jason epitomizes the Army Values – the last tenet of which is “Personal Courage - facing fear, danger or adversity…which may be a long, slow process of continuing forward on the right path, especially when not popular with others.”  But rather than acknowledging his courage and investigating how to fix grievous errors in the hostage recovery process, Jason is now being vilified.  Perhaps the unfortunate and regretful part of this debacle is the breathtakingly poor example we’re now setting for Service Members who are learning a lesson that never should be taught:  that you should only do what’s right when there’s no fear of reprisal.  This is not what this country was founded upon, not what it stands for, not what sets it apart from every other country in the world. 

We thank Jason, applaud his personal courage and fortitude, and stand in support of him.”

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