Washington DC – This evening, Congressman Hunter opposed the Senate-passed health care plan, standing firm against a government takeover of America's health care system.  

View H.R. 3590 , the reconciliation legislation and Congressman Hunter's letter to the California Governor.    

“Higher taxes, larger premiums, rising costs and fewer choices – these are the consequences of the Democratic health care plan thrown at the American people,” said Congressman Hunter.  “Time and again, calls for bipartisan solutions have been ignored in favor of a plan that puts the federal government in direct control of our nation’s health care system. 

“Under the plan, millions of Americans will immediately feel the impact of higher taxes and more regulation while being denied any type of benefits for the next four years.  Even then, nothing has been done to address the skyrocketing health care costs that continue to strain the current system and create uncertainty for so many families.

“From the beginning of this debate, I have taken a clear and consistent position in favor of health care reform that is centered on portability, malpractice and private insurance reform, and fiscal responsibility – all of which are missing from the Democratic plan.  Every American has a stake in this debate, which will continue in the months and years ahead, and it is important that we continue working to achieve reforms that actually stand to improve the availability and quality of care.”

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