Washington D.C.—Congressman Duncan Hunter reiterated strong support for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  The legislation, considered today, received a majority of votes in the House, but failed to collect the 2/3 majority needed to pass.   

“A Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution is long overdue,” said Congressman Hunter.  “Even though the House continues doing its part to cut the budget where necessary, there must be some safeguard against excessive federal spending and no option is more effective than a Balanced Budget Amendment. 

“The public debt now sits at $15 trillion.  Responsibility for this debt is shared by successive Administrations and Congresses—and is not the doing of one political party or the other.  But it’s impossible to overlook the fact that in the last two years alone, the country has accumulated record annual deficits that continue threatening our economic outlook and national security. 

“A Balanced Budget Amendment is what’s needed to control spending now and for the future.”