Washington DC – Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) announced today that he will be joining the House Republican Whip Team for the 111th Congress.  Hunter was recently appointed to the Whip Team by Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), and will assume the role of Assistant Whip.

"I am honored to be appointed to the House Republican Whip Team," said Congressman Hunter.  "This is a great opportunity to work more closely with my colleagues on a wide-variety of issues and help build support for important initiatives that reflect the best interests of American families.  The Republican Whip Team is committed to advancing a strong conservative agenda that presents a positive vision for the future and I look forward to contributing to its efforts."

Following Hunter’s appointment as Assistant Whip, Congressman Cantor said, "We have begun our march toward a stronger future for America based on revitalized, common sense ideals.  I’m pleased that Congressman Hunter has brought his energy to our Republican Whip Leadership Team.  We will act as the cornerstone of House Republican efforts to preserve, protect and create a better tomorrow for working families.  This team is comprised of top leaders who will advance a positive vision for the future of our country, a vision based on accountability, transparency and action, and I look forward to getting to work with Duncan."

The House Republican Whip Team, led by Congressman Cantor, manages certain floor activities as it works to unify House Republicans.  Earlier this month, Hunter also was named to the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Education and Labor.