Washington, DC -- President Donald Trump today announced that he had reached an agreement with Congressional leaders to approve a three-week funding bill that would reopen the federal government through February 15 while negotiations continue on long-term funding for border security measures, including a wall. Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) made the following statement:

“It would be my personal preference that any spending bill passed by Congress include specific funding for a border wall; it is proven effective and is imperative to any effort that involves substantive border security. During this shutdown, Congressional Democrats have made it abundantly clear that border security is not a priority for them, that they care more for the security and well-being of people in foreign countries than people here in our country, including Dreamers.

“I also understand, however, that the legislative process is a process and does not always provide exactly what we want. President Trump feels comfortable moving forward with this approach; he has not abandoned the wall and has made it clear to me that he is personally committed to continuing to fight for it in ongoing negotiations. Having met with the President yesterday at the White House, I trust his judgement and will stand by his side in moving forward in this manner while, at the same time, hold the President and all my colleagues accountable in staying the course and eventually getting a border wall built. I look forward to continuing to work with the President on this important issue.”