Washington, DC--The Air Force today informed several of its instructor pilots involved in the Laughlin texting controversy—referred to as Miley-Gate—that their aeronautical orders will be immediately reinstated.  U.S. Representatives Duncan Hunter (CA-50) and Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) intervened in the case, after learning that several instructor pilots were wrongfully accused and punished for illegal drug use due to suggestive personal text messages that were recovered during an unrelated investigation.  It was determined, through a review process ordered by the Air Force Chief of Staff, that allegations of drug use are unsubstantiated. 

Representatives Hunter and Kinzinger made the following statement after their respective conversations with the Air Force Chief of Staff this morning:

“While it’s our belief that the initial action taken against the pilots by the Air Force was unjust, we have been impressed with the seriousness and speed by which these cases have been corrected.  Overall, we are content with the outcome and commend the Air Force for doing the right thing.  General Welsh demonstrated quality leadership and sound judgment throughout this process—and we are grateful for his personal attention to these cases.    

“We do remain concerned, however, with the parts of the military justice system that seem to permit the unjustified seizure and misrepresentation of personal text messages—and we intend to address this issue.  It’s important that this doesn’t happen again.

“We wish the pilots all the best in their flying careers and thank them for their service.”