Washington DC - Following testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder before Congress yesterday, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter reiterated his opposition to moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States.  Hunter also expressed his concerns regarding the Obama Administration's continued interest in San Diego's military bases as possible relocation sites.

"The American people need more than simple assurances from the Attorney General that relocating terrorists on U.S. soil won't threaten our nation's security," said Congressman Hunter.  "Evidently, the Administration still has no plan in place for closing Guantanamo Bay and, until one is put forward and thoroughly scrutinized, the funding that is needed to proceed with this effort should not be released by Congress.

"Even without a plan, the Administration is continuing to consider Camp Pendleton and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, as well as other U.S. bases, as terrorist relocation sites.  At the same time military bases in San Diego and elsewhere across the country are being targeted for this purpose, additional combat troops from several of these bases are now being deployed to Afghanistan, including more than one thousand Marines from Camp Pendleton.   

"Transferring terrorists to the same bases that are home to our military and many of its families is a disservice to all those who represent America's armed forces and support its mission.  If the Administration is truly committed to closing Guantanamo Bay, then it needs to put forward a workable plan that keeps terrorists off American soil and puts our security interests before political expediency."