Washington, D.C. —After already providing the Secretary of the Navy (SecNav) evidence related to Marine Corps Sergeant Rafael Peralta’s Medal of Honor nomination, Representative Duncan Hunter obtained new video content—taken by a Marine combat cameraman at the scene that day.  The video was provided to the SecNav today.  Read Representative Hunter’s letter here.

“This video, along with the other evidence, reaffirms the Marine Corps’ initial investigation and nomination of Sergeant Peralta for the Medal of Honor,” said Representative Hunter, a Marine combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  “The review process has been initiated, and this video provides additional details of the incident, the reactions of several Marines, and movement to recover Sergeant Peralta.

“Taking into account witness testimony, new photo and video evidence, and additional medical findings, there is no doubt that Sergeant Peralta’s actions are in the spirit and tradition of the Medal of Honor.” 

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