Washington DC—Today, U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and member of the House Armed Services Committee, praised the announcement that Army Captain Will Swenson will receive the Medal of Honor.  Hunter first wrote to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in August 2012, urging him to restore integrity to the Medal of Honor process by awarding Swenson—along with Marine Corps Sergeant Rafael Peralta—the nation’s highest award for combat valor.    

“Captain Swenson is an American hero who exemplifies the extraordinary bravery and selflessness of our nation’s military over more than a decade of fighting in Afghanistan,” said Representative Hunter.  “Captain Swenson deserves this award for his actions.  This particular award is especially important because not only is Captain Swenson finally receiving the recognition he should have received years ago, but it also goes a long way to restoring the integrity of the Medal of Honor process.  It’s my belief that by awarding the Medal of Honor to Captain Swenson, in addition to recognizing Marine Corps Sergeant Rafael Peralta the same way, a process that’s been broken for too long will have made significant strides toward repair.

“Captain Swenson is an inspiration and I join the rest of the nation in saluting him as our military’s next Medal of Honor recipient.”