Washington DC – Congressman Duncan Hunter made the following statement following a not guilty verdict in the case of Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe, who faced court-martial for his involvement in capturing one of Iraq’s most dangerous terrorists:

“This was the absolute right decision,” said Congressman Hunter.  “The military justice system worked in this case and the other acquittals of Navy SEALs involved in the same incident, putting our war fighters above a known terrorist responsible for the killing and mutilation of several private security contractors. 

“Still, it’s troubling that charges were brought against these individuals in the first place.  Doing so was a severe overreaction by the Chain of Command that, if repeated at any time for actions under the same circumstances, would create an unnecessary level of uncertainty among our combat personnel.”  

As a Marine Combat veteran of the war in Iraq, Congressman Hunter served in one of several Marine combat units that responded to the killing of the four private security contractors in 2004.