Washington DC - Legislation that includes funding to increase San Diego's water supply moved one step closer to enactment today when the House of Representatives passed the conference report on H.R. 3183, the Fiscal Year 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Act.  The legislation includes $120,000 -- funding secured by Congressman Hunter --  to perform a feasibility study of the water system in San Diego County and determine an approach to connect underutilized reservoirs.

 "Water availability remains an important issue for San Diego County residents," said Congressman Hunter.  "With this funding, our community can continue working to build the water infrastructure it needs both today and in the future.  Connecting our local reservoirs represents an important step toward maximizing existing resources to ensure sufficient collection during wet years and water availability during dry periods or emergencies. This will help with our overall goal of making San Diego County water independent."

The Four-Reservoir Intertie study includes four existing reservoirs: San Vicente; El Capitan; Loveland; and Murray.  H.R. 3183 is expected to receive Senate approval in the near future, at which time the legislation will be presented to the President for signature.