bbing Restrictions

  • Strengthens the prohibition on using federal funds for lobbying.


  • Protects the current ratio for funding between cold weather and warm weather states. 

Needle Exchange

  • Continues ban on needle exchange programs

No funding for New Administration Programs

  • Denies the Administration’s proposed Preschool Development Grants program and Race to the Top College Affordability program

Cuts NLRB Funding

  • Decrease NLRB’s budget by $4M compared to last year’s level, and by $10.8M compared to the President’s request. 

Cuts Department of Labor Funding

  • Decreases DOL funding by $449M compared with the FY13 level. 

Fighting Diseases

  • Provides $6.9B for the CDC, including: $30M for the Advanced Molecular Detection initiative; $160M for the Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant; $1.3B for Public Health Preparedness and Response; and $225M for Project Bioshield
  • Provides $29.9B for NIH to support basic biomedical research and translational research through programs like the Clinical and Translational Science Award, and Institutional Development Award


Legislative Branch

Overall Funding

  • Provides $4.2B virtually maintaining the sequester level of funding for House activities.

Capitol Police

  • Maintains Capitol Police funding at the FY13 enacted level. 

Dome Project

  • Provides $16M to continue the next phase of the Capitol Dome restoration project. This is the first time the Dome has been restored since it was built in 1865.



Overall Funding

  • Provides $73.3B which is an increase of $1.4 billion above the FY13 enacted level.

Electronic Health Records

  • Ensures that the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs are developing electronic health records that seamlessly transfer medical information between the two departments providing $323M for these activities. 

Medical Services

  • Provides $43.6B to provide care for approximately 6.5 million patients estimated to be treated in 2014. 

VA Disability Claims Backlog

  • Includes a comprehensive initiative to reduce the current backlog with the goal of ending the backlog by 2015.
  • $90M for potential overtime and $10M for claims processers.
  • $140M for IT upgrades to improve the paperless claims processing system.
  • $88M for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals to address the growing appeals backlog.
  • Includes provisions directing audits to assess performance and rigorous monthly reporting requirements to track the performance of each regional office. 


  • Saves $1.4B by rescinding unused funding and eliminating 20 military construction projects that lacked sufficient justifications. 


State and Foreign Operations

Overall Funding

  • Provides $49B which is a decrease of $4.3B below the FY13 enacted level. 

Embassy Security/Benghazi

  • Boots embassy security by providing $5.4B to ensure the protection of personnel and facilities - $25M more than the President requested.
  • Prohibits aid to Libya until the Secretary of State confirms the Libyan cooperation in the Benghazi investigation. 


  • Blocks $4.5M increase for UNFPA pushed by the Senate and retains language withholding funds dollar-for-dollar from UNFPA if they operate a program in China. 
  • Maintains all longstanding prolife riders including: the Tiahrt amendment ensuring family planning programs are voluntary, the Helms Amendment banning foreign aid on abortions, the Kemp-Kasten Amendment prohibiting funds to organizations that the Administration determines to support coercive abortions or involuntary sterilization, and the prohibition on Peace Corps funds being used for abortions. 

Funding Restrictions 

  • Includes the following Prohibitions:
    • A prohibition on funding for the renovation of UN Headquarters in New York; 
    • A prohibition on appropriations for a new London embassy;
    • Providing no funding or authorities for debt relief for foreign countries;
    • A prohibition on funding to move the Vatican embassy unless certain conditions are met; and
    • A prohibition on funding to implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty. 
    • Providing no funding for assessed and voluntary contributions for the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

UN Reform

  • Conditions funds for the UN Human Rights Council and withholds 15% of funds for UN Agencies until audits are made fully available. 

Energy Production Loans

  • Prohibits OPIC and Export-Import Bank from blocking coal-fired or other power-generation projects in low and lower-middle income countries as had been proposed. 


  • Fully funds the $3.1B commitment in the U.S./Israel Memorandum of Understanding.

Palestinian Authority

  • Stops economic assistance to the Palestinian Authority if the Palestinians obtain membership to the United Nations or UN agencies without an agreement with Israel. In addition, the bill puts new restrictions on aid if the Palestinians pursue actions against Israel at the International Criminal Court. New language is included to ensure that the Palestinian Authority is taking action to counter incitement violence. 

Country Restrictions

  • Conditions aid to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority and requires Congressional notification before aid can be sent. 



Overall Funding

  • Provides $50.8B which is a decrease of $961M below the FY13 enacted level and $4.1B below FY09 levels. 


  • Reduces AMTRAK operations by $126M. 
  • Includes a provision to limit overtime for AMTRAK employees to reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Prohibits federal funding for routes where AMTRAK offers a discount of 50% of more off normal peak fares.

High Speed Rail

  • Fully funds the MAP-21 level of $41B for FY14 for the federal highway program.


  • Blocks a Senate proposal to institute a new airline passenger fee. 
  • Fully funds air traffic control and aviation safety operations in the FAA while reducing overall department funding by $168M.


  • Decreases funding for the Federal Transit Administration by $100M. 
  • Limits transit New Start funding to projects requiring 60% or less Federal Share. 
  • Meets the funding level set out in MAP-21.


  • Funds the Maritime Security Program at $186 million.
  • Provides $35M for ship construction loans. 


  • Decreases funding for HUD by $687M below the FY13 enacted level.
  • Includes 8 reforms to federal housing programs, which will save $200M in FY14 and over $1B in the next three years. 
  • Prohibits funding for any green or sustainable housing initiatives.