• Provide a strong national defense
  • Ensure that our military has the resources it needs to confront future threats
  • Maintain defense investment, which is an important job contributor to our region

The strength of America’s military is derived from the professionalism of the men and women filling its ranks and the technological advantage that sets it apart from any other fighting force in the world. Since World War II and the decades of diplomatic and military engagement during the Cold War, America’s industrial base – once called the Arsenal of Democracy – designed and built the resources that helped carry us to victory and contribute to our security today.

Visiting with troops in Afghanistan on Memorial Day weekend

For Southern California, the defense and aerospace industry is one of the largest contributors to our regional economy, representing almost a third of our local work force and further defining our community as a centerpiece of national security. Tens of thousands of jobs in San Diego are related to national defense alone.

Added investment in national defense strengthens security and the economy, providing quality jobs and opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers. We can be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars without undermining our long-term defense capability. The debate over federal spending has helped to raise awareness on what government does with taxpayer money.

Even then, strengthening national defense must remain among our top funding priorities. New security threats will continually emerge, some far more serious than others, making it even more necessary that we are prepared to confront any situation that arises with a fighting force that is second to none.

What are your thoughts on national defense?

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