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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressmen Duncan Hunter (CA-50) and Louie Gohmert (TX-01) announced the launch of the “Justice for Warriors Caucus.” This caucus is solely dedicated to issues related to accused or imprisoned combat warriors, who fought for our freedom, and have been unfairly treated by the military justice system. Additionally, it will serve as an informative group aimed at educating other Members of Congress on this very critical issue.

“America’s bravest, our nation’s finest, are unfortunately caught in a military justice system that has an ongoing systemic problem of prosecutors more concerned with career advancement and sensational headlines than following the rule of law and providing the constitutional right of due process for our warfighters.  They deserve better.  The Justice for Warriors Caucus is an opportunity for Members of Congress to learn more about these types of cases, advocate when appropriate and legislate when necessary.  It is tragic that such action would even be necessary, but it obviously is and no effort is too small when it comes to protecting America’s warriors.” – Rep. Duncan Hunter

“Our military men and women on the frontlines place their lives in harm’s way daily to ensure our freedom. They fight heroically for us in stressful, deadly situations; however, far too often, these patriots have no one to stand up for them. That needs to change. Like Sergeant Derrick Miller, who I advocated for tirelessly, many soldiers are treated unfairly by the military justice system. Unfortunately, it appears the deck is stacked against them. The Justice for Warriors Caucus was created to give wrongly accused and imprisoned combat warriors well-informed advocates in Congress. It is my hope that this group will educate Members of Congress on critical issues of this nature and ultimately help our wrongly convicted patriots receive true justice.”  -- Rep. Louie Gohmert

Congressman Hunter appeared on FOX News to discuss the Caucus in greater detail.

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