• Strengthen Social Security
  • Improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse

Strengthening, preserving and improving Social Security and Medicare is necessary for America’s future. The Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees report reveals that Social Security is expected to exhaust its reserves by 2035. Additionally, Medicare is projected to reach insolvency by 2026. We must begin the process of reforming these programs to ensure they will meet current and future beneficiary obligations.

However, to be clear, I am not supportive of proposals that would impact those at or near retirement. I am confident we can protect the solvency of these programs by eliminating waste, combating fraud and incorporating responsible reforms to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What are your thoughts on Social Security and Medicare?

With a looming insolvency for Social Security and Medicare, what are your views on how we can save these programs for future generations? Click here to share what you think with me.

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