• Reduce spending to live within our means
  • Balance the budget
  • Reform government programs and eliminate waste

Government does not have a revenue problem—it has a spending problem. Federal spending is out-of-control and must be reduced so the government can live within its means. The federal government is on an unsustainable path—with a national debt in excess of $21 trillion. Without action, this debt will threaten the future prosperity of our nation.

I support a balanced, pro-growth agenda of lowering spending, promoting a growth focused tax-code, and addressing the major drivers of the deficit—entitlement programs. These programs need comprehensive reform to ensure they are available for future generations.

I have also opposed unconditional increases in our nation’s debt limit. If we are going to raise the nation’s borrowing limit, we need to make corresponding reforms to get our fiscal house in order. Going forward, it is crucial that the House and Senate pass a budget that will put our country on the path to prosperity. In order to balance the budget, I support a Constitutional Amendment to require that the federal budget is balanced.

What are your thoughts on reducing government spending?

Where would you cut spending and get our country on the path to a balanced budget?  Do you know any examples of wasteful federal spending?  Click here and let me know—your ideas can become legislation.