• Promote choice, flexibility and portability
  • Empower parents and students
  • Streamline programs

In today’s rapidly changing economy, many students are looking for successful opportunities and need new skills to thrive in the 21st century. Congress must continue to reform our educational system so that our children can fulfill their dreams. We must tackle these issues through choice and transparency so that our scholars can have the opportunity to attain affordable education and workplace development opportunities.

Spending time with third graders at Rio Seco Elementary School

The skills gap is currently a challenge for the future and I firmly believe that expanding apprenticeship opportunities will provide the necessary skills for our innovators to learn and earn on the job, especially in their courses of study. This is why, in the 115th Congress, I introduced the Expanding America’s Workforce Act of 2017, which would establish an 8-12 week “Short-Term Workforce Pell Grant,” allow our veterans to be eligible in Competency-Based Education, and ensure that our students receive academic credit for their apprenticeship programs with the opportunity for transferable course credit between academic institutions. With new data coming out showing that roughly 90% of apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeships and an average starting wage of $60,000 per year, Congress must continue to provide pro-active bi-partisan legislation that provides stable jobs without the burden of student loan debt.

Further, our prospective college students and their families should have access to accurate information regarding the costs and outcomes of higher education, especially before they invest thousands of dollars annually. In doing so, we must empower students and parents through complete transparency by creating a calorie-box to college transparency. This is why I re-introduced the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act, which would establish a new higher education data system so that an individual can see the raw data of graduation rates, debt levels, and post-graduation average annual earnings through a secure portal that is already used by several US research agencies. This will protect our students and ensure that they receive a beneficial education that does not leave them in their parents’ basement for years to come.

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