• Support efforts to streamline new housing construction
  • Eliminate regulations that stifle growth
  • Support accountability and efficiency across all federal housing assistance programs

Affordable housing is becoming more and more like an oxymoron in Southern California. State and local regulations have constrained housing supply, and as a result, the median price of a home in San Diego County has surged to roughly $660,000 and around $400,000 in Riverside County. I’m committed to working with federal, state and local officials to finds ways to solve this issue by streamlining projects to ensure that California’s housing crisis does not extend any further. With one of the lowest state ratios of housing units per resident, pro-active solutions are needed to further expand building and ensure that more houses reach the market quicker without delays. Federal resources should also continue to empower local communities and help those get back on their feet.

Consequently, homelessness has grown dramatically in Southern California due to many various factors. We must continue to work with our local leaders in both our counties and cities to curb this issue. Proposing cost-effective solutions is a start and we must find ways to streamline the construction of new shelters so that our most vulnerable can receive the proper support to excel in the American dream.

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