Columns 2016

Hunter: We can defeat ISIS with the right strategy. Mosul is just the beginning

Oct 19, 2016 Issues: National Security

Over the last several days, the fight led by the Iraqi Army to liberate Mosul and drive the Islamic State from the city is cause for some optimism.  The spine of the Iraqi military is finally stiffening and with the help of U.S. and coalition...

Hunter: New opportunities in space

Oct 3, 2016 Issues: National Security

For the better part of the last three decades, commercial space launch was a specialty of the Russians and the Europeans while the United States lagged far behind. In 2011 and 2012, the United States was responsible for just two of 38 commercial...

Hunter: The US Army should rethink its approach to DCGS

Sep 22, 2016 Issues: National Security

The US Army is a lethal force that can target and kill America’s enemies anywhere in the world. The capability harnessed by the Army is a testament to fearless leadership, tough training and a strong working relationship with innovative industry...

Hunter: U.S. Navy and Coast Guard need more icebreakers now

Jun 8, 2016 Issues: National Security

The Cold War might be over, but the U.S. and Russia are once again in direct competition in the race to gain access to the Arctic and project force from the polar region. This reality has raised the stakes and accelerated the clock for the...

Hunter: Jones Act a lifeline for Puerto Rico and even bigger booster for U.S. national security

Jun 8, 2016 Issues: Economy, National Security

The Jones Act—which requires that U.S. built and crewed shipping vessels move goods between U.S. ports--has always been a target for Wall Street and corporatists.  No surprise there.  What does come as a surprise, however, is how quick some...

Hunter: A guiding principle for Homeland Security

May 31, 2016 Issues: Economy, National Security

For nearly a century, the Jones Act has been a reliable safeguard against American and global corporatists wanting to make higher profits at the expense of U.S. national security and jobs. Thanks to the Jones Act, shipping vessels that operate in U....

Hunter: Integrating women into combat specialties is not a joke, it's serious

May 11, 2016 Issues: National Security

There is nothing funny about combat.  Anyone who has ever been in the fight will tell you that war is not a joke or a subject for a punchline. This was the case last week when the liberal media and several late night talk shows made light of an...

Hunter: Enforce immigration laws

Mar 7, 2016 Issues: Immigration, National Security

That’s something Americans are right to demand

Hunter: America needs to debate impact of drafting women into military

Feb 9, 2016 Issues: Family Values, National Security, Veterans

Finally there is an issue on which hardline conservatives and coffeehouse liberals can agree. Neither group truly supports the idea of sending America’s daughters and sisters into direct ground combat, and neither adores the idea that women should...

Hunter: Why we must give careful consideration to a 'gender neutral' military

Jan 8, 2016 Issues: National Security, Veterans

For as long as Barack Obama has been president, the U.S. military has been a staging ground for social change. The incorporation of women in ground combat units, without much consideration or care for its impact, is just the latest example of an...